Welcome to Kanotech Information Systems. We are a leading developer and provider of customizable geographic information systems, automated mapping standardization, and facilities management solutions for both government and industry.

Why do we not have a robust and flashy website? The answer is that we have established relationships with a broad base of clientele in our multi-decade history & have no need to impress with anything other than our reputation.

Should you contact us? If you are looking for professional work from an experienced provider at a fair price, then please contact us to discuss what your needs are and how we can help you. If you are looking for another bidder to participate in your open bid to find the lowest cost provideróplease save both of us time and donít invite us to bid. Except for clients that we have a working relationship with, Kanotech does not provide bids without reimbursement for our time to analyze your needs and data and prepare a proper bid.

To contact us, please call 780-906-2888 between 9AM and 5PM Monday thru Friday (mountain standard time), or email us at:

Thank you for your interest in Kanotech & best of luck with your endeavors!

Dean Whitford, B.Comm.
Kanotech Information Systems Ltd.
Unit #1, 27107 TWP RD 510
Spruce Grove, AB
Canada T7Y1 H6


Wondering what Kanotech has working on for the last few years?

Check out DraftLogic Electrical at www.draftlogic.com

DraftLogic Electrical accelerates building electrical systems design completion by automating most of the project phases, eliminating thousands of mouse clicks and keystrokes for the user. DraftLogic Electrical is an expert system, combining the power of DraftLogicís patented expert system technology with AutoCADís industry leadership and customizability and the reliability and scalability of a Microsoft database to store expert system data.


Looking for the Friends of Leduc Area Greenspace web page (FLAG)? Kanotech donates email and hosting for FLAG. You can find their page at: www.kanotech.com/flag